Shalomfest: Who Is God?

This past weekend, I was pleased to have been invited to speak at "Shalomfest," a celebration held annually at the Temple of Israel here in Greenville, SC. You can read about the event here.

As a Christian and a Hebrew Bible scholar, it was a real honor to be entrusted with this time and space to speak about something I hold dear. I hoped to speak about ways in which Christian and Jewish readings of the Hebrew Bible can work together, and even how Jewish interpretation can help Christians think more carefully about biblical theology.

My main point is that Christian theology can become rather abstract and static, and the emphasis on narrative theology in the Hebrew Bible and in Jewish tradition is a helpful reminder that "if you want to say something true, tell a story."

The title is "Who Is God? Metaphor and 'Myth' in the Hebrew Bible," and in the presentation I argue that:

  1. All theology is metaphor.
  2. All theology is narrative.
  3. All theology is mythopoetic.

I recorded it on my (Lifeproof-encased) iPhone, so the sound quality isn't great. However, if you'd like to listen to the 30-minute talk, the it is available here.