Scrivener and Uncovering Nakedness

I'm working this week on some articles for the Lexham Bible Dictionary. Today's topic is "Uncovering Nakedness," which I thought I'd put in the title as link-bait, haha.

My real purpose for checking in is to put in another plug for Scrivener. Here is a screenshot of my Scrivener project for the Lexham articles.


Notice that I am using a split screen between the article and the research I have compiled. Also, in the lower research window, I have pasted a screenshot from a PDF right into the document. Using a screenshot this way preserves the formatting of the chart and is much faster than dealing with the Hebrew text entry.

On the top left, you see the Binder with my other articles, and on the right is the Notes field for the "Uncovering Nakedness" article. I used this to develop my outline since this is a brief article (only 450 words). In a longer piece, you might choose to create a folder for the article with individual documents for the section. That would let you do an easy and dynamic outline for a long document, but the Notes field is perfect in this case.

I also recommend using word targets for each section of a larger work. In this case, I have entered the target for each article, but the same thing applies if you are writing a chapter or a whole book. Simply enter your word targets for each section and you always know exactly where you stand. I also find that this lets me set small goals for each writing session. Writing a book is hard, but writing 450 words over coffee is easy.