Beyond Equivalence


I am working on a journal article that sets the groundwork for my monograph project next year. I'm calling it "Beyond Equivalence: Ideology and Power in Biblical Translation," and it presents my argument for moving beyond the traditional spectrum of "dynamic equivalence" and "formal correspondence" translation. Another common (but slightly different) way of describing this specture is "word for word" and "sense for sense."

I have been working on parts of this paper for a year, and am now preparing the larger version for journal submission. It was difficult to bring the different pieces together into one focused structure, and I found the app Scapple (from the Scrivener developers) to be very helpful. I have used many mind-mapping apps on both Mac and iOS for years, and Scapple is by far the easiest and most flexible to use. It doesn't let you fiddle with styles and colors too much, and it is happy to create whatever kind of linked structure you need, not only hierarchical. And it's only 15 bucks. Highly recommended for other visual thinkers out there.