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Teaching the Bible with Technology session


At the Annual Meeting this fall, the SBL unit Global Education and Research Technology will sponsor a session with Academic Teaching and Biblical Studies on "Teaching the Bible with Technology. I am inordinately excited about this session, and very pleased to be part of the program. They have released the schedule for the session, and it's a doozy.

I will speak for a few minutes about how I use Accordance and BibleGateway to explore with students the underlying theoretical and hemeneutical choices in different Bible versions.

Here's the list:

Richard Newton, Presiding

Oliver Glanz, Andrews University SHEBANQ in the Exegesis Classroom: teaching exegetical research with the receiver of the Digital Humanities Awards 2014 (10 min)

Erica L. Martin, Seattle University Empowering the Exegete with Open Educational Resources (10 min)

Jill Hicks-Keeton, University of Oklahoma Using 'Genius' to Teach Close Reading in Collaborative Learning Contexts (10 min)

Nicolai Winther-Nielsen, Fjellhaug International University College Denmark Prototyping Learning Technology in Word: the Hebrew Verb Cruncher (10 min)

Tyler J. Griffin, Brigham Young University Bringing Ancient Texts to Life for Tech-savvy Students (10 min)

Break (10 min)

Matthew Anstey, Charles Sturt University "Write them on the tablet": Using pen tablets for online Hebrew teaching (10 min)

C. Jason Borders, Huntingdon College Skype in the Biblical Studies Classroom: Using Social Media Platforms to Construct Practical Contexts for Biblical Interpretation (10 min)

Benjamin K. Forrest, Liberty University “Unite the Pair So Long Disjoined”: Theological Instruction and Qualitative Research (10 min)

Sean Boisen, Logos Bible Software Teaching the Cultural Background of the Bible (10 min)

Bryan Bibb, Furman University Using Bible Software to Teach Translation Theory (10 min)